NASA/ADS library of the series of EIGER papers

EIGER main papers

  • EIGER I. a large sample of [OIII]-emitting galaxies at 5.3 < z < 6.9 and direct evidence for local reionization by galaxies
    D. Kashino, S. Lilly, J. Matthee et al.
    ApJ, submitted [ads] [arXiv]
  • EIGER II. first spectroscopic characterisation of the young stars and ionised gas associated with strong Hβ and [OIII] line-emission in galaxies at z=5-7 with JWST
    J. Matthee, R. Mackenzie, R. Simcoe et al.
    ApJ, submitted [ads] [arXiv]
  • EIGER III. JWST/NIRCam observations of the ultra-luminous high-redshift quasar J0100+2802
    A-C. Eilers, R. Simcoe, M. Yue et al.
    ApJ, submitted [ads] [arXiv]

EIGER-related papers